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Chapter Advisor:

Dr. Bill Clay
(405) 747-6414

National Founding: Apr 15, 1905
Local Founding: May 12, 1928
Local Philanthropy: Transylvania Station
National Website:
Local Website:
Colors: Green, Gold and White
Flower: Sunburst Rose
Members: 93
Length of New Member Program: 18 weeks
Current Academic Ranking: 3
Study Hours – Required GPA: None
High School GPA: 3.0
College GPA: 2.75
Students per Room: 3 to 6
Must Live in House: Six semesters
Meals per Week: 14
Available Technology:                                               Three computers, four laser jet                                                                                            printers, color scanner, copy and                                                                                          fax machine, WiFi, ethernet and                                                                                          cable modems in every room,                                                                                                projector, 4 public-use                                                                                                            televisions, airplay speaker                                                                                                  systems throughout the house.
Pledge Fee: $50.00
Initiation Fee: $150.00
House Bill: $650 per month
Social Fee: $25
FarmHouse Fraternity, known as the “Builder of Men,” was founded at the University of Missouri in 1905. In 1928, FarmHouse came to Oklahoma State University and, since then, has been the icon of fraternal excellence on this campus. Though originally an agriculturally rooted fraternity, Oklahoma State’s chapter of FarmHouse boasts some of the top men in every college of the university. FarmHouse has been continually dedicated to the physical, intellectual, spiritual, social, and moral development of its members.
Founding Principles
FarmHouse was created with the idea in mind that bringing outstanding young men together to work toward a common good would be beneficial for all involved. The idea prevailed. You will find members of FarmHouse today atop the scholastic rolls of OSU and leading the most prestigious organizations on campus. Members of FarmHouse have recently served as:

  • Student Government Association President
  • Executive Director of the Student Alumni Board
  • Presidents of both Blue Key and Mortar Board Honor Societies
  • Countless other leadership roles

FarmHouse extends to all of its membership the opportunities to learn, grow, and develop as a part of not only a fraternity, but also a brotherhood. The pledgeship focuses on equipping future members with the skills to continue to uphold the reputation of greatness that has come to be associated with the name of FarmHouse. However, apart from developing leaders and scholars, FarmHouse prides itself on developing true gentlemen renowned for the best in etiquette, moral, social and chivalrous behavior. In keeping with this code, FarmHouse and its members have chosen to adhere to a “dry” house policy, whereas no alcohol is allowed on FarmHouse property. Further, FarmHouse upholds a strict policy regarding hazing. Members of FarmHouse maintain the highest level of respect for themselves, their brethren, and all with whom they are associated.

FarmHouse is proud to have provided a home for some of the most influential students to have graced the university and will continue to do the same for decades to come. Learn what FarmHouse has to offer you, but more importantly, learn what you have to offer yourself as you become a part of one Oklahoma State’s premier student organizations, FarmHouse Fraternity.